Created and produced by

eVenti Verticali

Artistic and technical direction

Andrea Piallini


Marianna Andrigo / Vertical Waves Project

Sky rigger

Aldo Aliprandi


Elisa Alcalde Patané, Marianna Andrigo Costanza Bernotti, Claudia Cipollina, Paloma Leyton, Michela Lorenzano, Valentina Milan, Silvia Proietti, Silvia Zotto


Claudia Muresu

Quadro was conceived from the aspiration to dance on a hovering wall, as if the very walls of the buildings where our performances typically unfold were taking flight!

This aerial stage spans 50 square meters, featuring four expansive openings that serve as backdrops, presenting itself to the audience as a horizontal plane that gradually transforms into a vertical wall.

Four dancers gracefully traverse the pristine white stage, akin to pencils sketching on a blank sheet of paper or colors poised on a canvas, awaiting the strokes of acrobatic leaps and mid-air flights.

In a deliberate play of shifting perceptions, perspectives meld, and the distinctions between horizontal and vertical planes blur, creating a captivating illusion that perplexes the spectator’s gaze.

This multidisciplinary artistic journey commences with vertical dance and seamlessly extends into the realms of circus aerial disciplines.