Vertical Waves Project


Marianna Andrigo

Co-creation and performer

Marianna Andrigo, Michela Lorenzano, Valentina Milan, Silvia Zotto, Alice Marchiori

Technical direction/ rigging

Aldo Aliprandi

Dramaturgical assistance

Samanta Cinquini


Vertical Waves Project


50 minutes


04/03/2023 Teatro del Parco, Mestre VE

The principles of gravity, an independently supporting structure ascending, the delicate and precise equilibrium of flight unveil an evocative realm: four performers encounter each other in a space between dreams and reality. The interplay of opposing forces is echoed by the unrelenting rhythm of an hourglass. The exact time and location of these events remain indiscernible. It is a mesmerizing dance, an exploration of the transitional moment between dreaming and waking, an endeavor to transcend one’s earthly essence.

In Greek mythology, Aura is a nymph whose name signifies breeze—a natural element embodying movement, change, and displacement. The performance mirrors this essence, altering and shifting, inverting verticality, tilting the horizon, slowing descent, and elevating collapse.

The narrative commences with the embodiment of ‘time,’ initiating a big hourglass—a perpetual and gravitational survey of time’s passage. Through its measured descent, it delineates the body’s resilience and metamorphosis, appearing almost detached from the narrative yet consistently present.

The stage unfolds to reveal four performers initiating mutable emotional, rhythmic, and relational states, immersing themselves in the nuances and suggestions offered by emptiness, gravity, and suspension.

The relentless progression of time perpetually exposes us to encounters, challenges, and triumphs, causing our perceptions to contract or expand its flow, morphing it into a subjective experience where the self melds with time. In its transformative journey, time alters spaces, sharpens an active alertness, constantly fostering fresh perspectives. It is at this juncture that it gravitates towards a novel multiverse, where unity with the external—be it human or non-human—resolves and liberates.

Technical note

The show is created for an aluminum truss structure – supplied by the company – that looks like an open book, 6m high, 9m wide, 6m deep. Its dimensions can be adapted to different sizes while maintaining a minimum height of 5m.