Performance practices for bodies without gravity

Vertical dance reimagines the wall as a floor, positioning the performer in a perpendicular alignment with the vertical surface. This demands a new orientation and engages musculature capable of sustaining the strains on the spinal column. Detached from the ground, it facilitates an exploration of the void, where the performer discovers new orientations and inevitably navigates the weight relationships among different body parts. Equipped with a harness featuring a descender, a tool that enables anchoring to the work rope, the performer establishes a crucial bond of trust with the equipment. This connection allows for the liberation of dance and, with accumulated experience, emboldens the exploration of greater heights.

Our practices are rooted in meticulous groundwork, serving as a foundation for kinetic analysis that is subsequently transitioned into an altered gravitational context. Individual efforts reflect and assimilate the ongoing group dynamics, emphasizing the significance of presence, attention, care, responsibility, and hospitality.


This is the title we’ve given to our intensive vertical dance workshop, usually organized over 2 or more days. Immersing oneself in a particular practice embodies the essence of taking a leap into the unknown. For us, emptiness serves not only as a gateway to the new but also stands as the central theme of our work—a void that comes to life through the action of the body, both technically and poetically stimulated, in space.


This is the designation for an ongoing vertical dance course comprising study modules or monthly sessions. As time progresses, our aim is to interweave technique and performativity, delving into the possibilities of the vertical dimension while maintaining a focus on individual expression. Celestial Horizon aspires to be a movement along the horizon line—not merely as a contact point between sky and earth but as a progression towards physical, emotional, and poetic perspectives.

Vertical Waves Project ASD has been registered with CONI since 2018. 

It is currently affiliated with UISP and ENDAS NAZIONALE.