Dance company

Where sky and earth meet


Within the domain of dance, the body transforms into a manifesto of emotions, senses, and mysteries. Fluidity, rhythm, collective harmony, and individual personality steer the narrative within the realm of vertigo, where even the slightest gesture embodies the agility of both the physical form and acrobatic thought.


Every location is a narrative of customs, of past and present, of tastes and necessities: space and context coalesce as co-directors of the performance, endowing each work with its distinctive uniqueness.


Embraced by harnesses, the performers slide on ropes descending buildings and towers: their arms are free to draw rhythms in the air while their feet train their careful touch on a variety of walls.

On the stage for Vertical Waves Project, there are women who have turned their shared passion into a profession. Over the years, a strong complicity has developed among them, making the understanding between them all the more delightful.

We dance

We specialize in crafting vertical and aerial dance performances, infusing the art of poetic gestures into both intimate and grand site-specific shows.

Dance meets and inhabits vertical surfaces, changing the horizon;

vertical dance shares the emotion of height with the audience and leads to an apparent weightlessness.

Vertical Waves frees and expands the possible within the empty, faithful space.

Our performances enrich the venue, engaging in a meaningful dialogue with the unique characteristics of each event, be it architecture or nature.

Our creative works extend to both indoor and outdoor spaces, ranging from iconic structures such as buildings, walls, towers, bell towers, castles, and villas, to more unconventional settings like galleries, halls, and hangars. These vertical surfaces serve as dynamic stages, transforming open-air spaces into theaters that captivate and elevate the spectator’s experience.

we jump

Precise to the millimeter and anticipating the logic,
that point which reveals emotions before their names.

Where I feel the fear of the void and the fear of the jump,
where I feel the brake and the arrest.

Action after action originates the dance that gives itself,
the dance that relies
on the faithful void.

And away it goes, adrenaline, pure and lucid excitement,
monitored by conscience, maneuvered by technique,
signed by talent and never reproducible.
Rigor and freedom,
the performer walks here, between rigor and freedom.


Vertical dance reimagines the wall as a floor, positioning the performer in a perpendicular alignment with the vertical surface.


1. I have a specific venue in mind for your show. How can I determine if it's feasible?

Response: We can arrange a virtual visit via video call to provide an initial assessment of feasibility. Following this, our technician can present a detailed installation proposal and conduct an on-site inspection if necessary. Please feel free to send initial photos of the architecture to

2. I'm considering vertical dance for a private event we're hosting. Do you offer any additional performances beyond those listed on your website?

Response: Together, we can customize the vertical dance performance to perfectly match the ambiance and space of your event. This includes everything from costumes and music to the duration and integration with video projections. We can explore options such as installation performances, multiple choreographies for one evening, or a comprehensive show.

3. I'm interested in trying vertical dance. Do you offer any courses?

Response: If you're interested in trying vertical dance, you can explore our training programs on the dedicated page: Workshops.

4. What are the risks associated with vertical dancing?

Response: Our operations prioritize safety at every step, from setup through performance to dismantling. Our technicians and artists adhere to strict safety protocols, minimizing the risk of accidents. We proceed with the utmost care for both our team and the venue, ensuring no damage occurs.