Vertical Waves Project


Marianna Andrigo


Marianna Andrigo, Ilaria Bagarolo, Michela Lorenzano, Anna Maschietto, Valentina Milan, Silvia Zotto

Technical supervisor

Aldo Aliprandi

Stage photos

Martin Corradin


Son Lux, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Apparat, Sigur Rós, Debussy, Léo Delibes, Chopin


40 minuti


30 July 2022, Bruneck

Variation No. 6 marks a distinctive shift in the stage design along the vertical axis,

but it is more profoundly a composition for six performers who, in a crescendo, dynamically alter their relationships against a diverse musical backdrop.

Each quantity transforms into a quality, every interaction gives rise to an atmosphere, and each encounter gives birth a new conceivable space. In the realm of dance, where vacant space serves as the canvas for action, we venture into unconventional speeds and slowness,

dismantling and reconstructing harmonies. The interpretative prowess of the performers introduces a continual interplay between order and chaos, ultimately blending them into a seamless dance flow.

Distinguished by a spectrum of colors—white, green, purple, yellow, blue, and pink—the performers symbolize individuality. Beginning and concluding with white, the accumulation of colors adds nuance and diversity, as each performer influences the others. The introduction of the individual, akin to a vibrant “rainbow,” contributes to the overall visual spectacle.

To further personalize the performance, the initial letter of the hosting city is incorporated into the title.


variazione sei, tu sei variazione e

imito, completo, intendo, non comprendo,

sto nel movimento come unico moto autentico

per essere inafferrabile come sei, altro da me