Artistic referent

Marianna Andrigo

Technical referent

Aldo Aliprandi


Anna Maschietto, Claudia Cipollina, Elisa Vecchiato, Ilaria Bagarolo, Marianna Andrigo, Michela Lorenzano, Rosa Mantovani, Silvia Zotto, Valentina Milan

Waves Variations represents a vertical dance performance meticulously tailored to suit the venue, aligning with the vertical population that best complements the scale of the building and the essence of the event.

Much like in music, where the term “variation” denotes a technical form allowing musical material to be repeated in diverse forms, Waves Variations constructs performances as variations inspired by the distinctive characteristics of each location and event. This involves a variable number of artists on stage.

Waves Variations serves as a platform for collaboratively crafting works with the commissioners, developing performances specifically designed for unique conditions, durations, attire, and music.

From lighting to video projections, live music to DJ sets, we conceptualize and execute customized shows by imparting our vision and expertise.