Vertical Waves Project and Ullallà Teatro


Marianna Andrigo, Valentina Milan, Pippo Gentile, Angela Graziani


Paola Brolati


Alberto Gottardi

Costumes, Scenography, Technique

Aldo Aliprandi


Alexandre Desplat




55 minuti

A co-production of Operaestate Festival Veneto, with the support of Teatro Stabile del Veneto

A unique and original show combining theater and vertical dance.

A towering structure, reaching seven meters in height, resembling an expansive open book, encapsulates diverse landscapes such as the forest, the seabed, the belly of a whale, and the realm of the wolf. Within this structure, narratives of timeless tales like Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, Pinocchio, the Little Mermaid, and many more intertwine on multiple levels.

Fairy tales exist beyond the constraints of time and place; their protagonists move freely, running, jumping, traversing infinite distances. They can sink, float, and soar; they age, rejuvenate, and undergo constant transformations. One cannot limit them to a singular form, condition, or age. Devoid of gravity, they embody a weightless quality, occupying all dimensions with their boundless and timeless essence.