Vertical Waves Project




Anna Maschietto, Elena Ajani, Ilaria Bagarolo, Maria Cargnelli, Michela Lorenzano, Valentina Milan


Laura Cariati


Aldo Aliprandi

Lighting and staging

Aldo Aliprandi


Live Arts Cultures


Venice International Performance Art Week


55 minuti

Year of production





The border line is permeable and fluctuating that it is not even a line or even a border: the air is both parts, the inside and the outside – beyond the parts. In 7 ARIE  the boundaries shift, new fertile fragilities are organized. The consistency of the border is transformed into a mirage where bodies create new gaps as possible. The emergency is the breaking of the epicentres: displacement, acceleration, rotation allow the voice of the nerves to emerge which says something else, new, broken.




The performance is built on a 9 meter long raised platform, a limited space within which to live and discuss the space itself as a border.

We see how the threshold is good ground, where differences can be encountered, where identities can be developed, where new potentials can be nourished.


7 ARIE is a sequence of dynamic and emotional drawings that metaphorically represents the power and need to reread walls and clashes with listening, curiosity and freedom. The live music, violin and electroacoustic instruments, is built with a strong interaction with the performers favoring the dialogue with the choral body.

Con-fine: where we both end up facing each other.

7 ARIE marks a new compositional venture by Marianna Andrigo and Aldo Aliprandi. Since 2010, this artistic duo has traversed the realms of dance, performance art, and sonic exploration. Their latest endeavor involves six dancers and a violinist, collectively weaving imagery and sounds within a minimalist stage setting akin to a corridor. Within this spatial constraint, they explore a liminal dimension, evoking tensions, risks, and a sense of playfulness toward the unknown.

At the heart of 7 ARIE lies an urgent exploration of boundaries — understanding their qualities, harnessing their positive potentials, and embracing notions of identity, permeability, and connection. While boundaries are often seen as limits or sources of conflict, the term itself, “boundary,” embodies the concept of encounter and mutual sharing. It simultaneously confines and liberates, embodying the essence of shared human experience.